Project Topics on FINANCE for MBA students.

(Students can select one or more topics from the following list) 

1) EOQ (Economical Order Quantity)
2) ABC analysis (Inventory)  
3) Vendor Performance
4) Centralised Purchase
5) Company analysis with Ratio/Fund Flow
6) Study of Stock Exchange
7) Role of SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India)
8) Role of Small Scale Industries in Developing Nation
9)  Cash Management / Fund Management
10) Mutual funds
11) Labour Welfare Scheme
12) Working Capital Management
13) Role of SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank of India)
14) Importance of Budget
15) FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)
16) Essentials of a Valid Contract
17) Credit Cards
18) Private Sector Banks
19) Corporate Finance
20) Internet Banking
21) Capital Markets
22) TDS Contractors/Salaries
23) Value Added Tax
24) Finance Scams in India
25) Comparative Study of Industries (Financial Angle)