Regional Telecom Training Centre
Maraimalainagar, Chennai - 603209
(A Govt.of India Undertaking)

Course Contents


Course Name

Course Contents


General Inplant Training

Ø  Switching, Transmission

Ø  Broadband & Multiplay

Ø  Mobile Technology

Ø  Telecom Support Infra Structure


Special Inplant Training on
Mobile Technology

Ø  Radio communicaion basics

Ø  Cellular concepts

Ø  Mobile communication history

Ø  GSM architecture

Ø  GSM interfaces

Ø  GSM radio link

Ø  Mobility management

Ø  Call management

Ø  CDMA basics


Ø  IMT-2000 and value addition services


Special Inplant Training on
Optical fiber Cable Practices

Ø  Basic principles of light

Ø  Principles of fiber optic transmission

Ø  Optical fibre cable construction and characteristics

Ø  Types of cables

Ø  Fusion splicing

Ø  Connecters

Ø  Fiber optic sources detectors and receivers

Ø  Passive components and multiplexers

Ø  Cable instalation

Ø  Fiber optic systems and design considerations


Special Inplant Training on
Mobile Broadband

Ø  Radio transmission concept

Ø  3G basics

Ø  3G system architecture


Ø  Session management

Ø  CDMA 2000 1X – EVDO – EVDO card demo

Ø  Basics of Wi-max – Architecture

Ø  Radio transmission technologies for 4G

Ø  Introduction to LTE

Ø  RF planning and optimization


Special Inplant Training on

Ø  Network basics & topologies

Ø  TCP / IP and subnetting

Ø  Various network elements & functions

Ø  Peer-to-peer – Client server concepts

Ø  Design of LAN with live & simulated environment

Ø  DNS / DHCP / NAT & PAT / Port forwarding

Ø  VPN basics – Web servers – IIS  & Windows server

Ø  Firewall configuration

Ø  Connecting local network with broadband

Ø  Internet services

Ø  Wireless LAN and network security

Ø  Various network troubleshooting tools


Special Inplant Training on
Telecom Technologies

Ø  Switching concepts – components of a switch

Ø  BSNL telecom network

Ø  PCM concepts

Ø  Transmission technologies

Ø  Optical fibre concepts and systems

Ø  Access technologies

Ø  Intelligent network – ISDN

Ø  Broad band concepts – BB network

Ø  Mobile technology - GSM- CDMA

Ø  Networking concepts

Ø  Next generation NW – Wi-max concepts

Ø  Hands on training in our labs and visit to exchanges


Special Inplant Training on
Data Communications

Ø  Basic concepts of data comunication

Ø  Modulation technique

Ø  OSI layers

Ø  Error detection and correction

Ø  X.25 – Frame relay – ATM – TCP / IP

Ø  IP addressing and routing protocols


Internship Training for
Engineering Students

Ø  Switching, Transmission

Ø  Broadband & Multiplay

Ø  Mobile Technology

Ø  Telecom Support Infra Structure

Ø  Hands on in lab


Industrial Visit*

Ø  Digital switching lab

Ø  Broadband and multiplay lab

Ø  Transmission lab

Ø  Battery and powerplant lab